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Sunday, 10 August 2008 01:30

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Herbs Are Nothing To Sneeze At. Need a tissue?  If you do, you aren’t alone!  It is estimated that nearly 20% of Americans suffer from allergies and hay fever, particularly during the seasonal changes that take place in the Spring. 

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The bees are out pollinating, and that means spring isn’t the only thing that’s in the air.  Allergies can lead to common symptoms like sore throats, watery, dry, or itchy eyes, runny or stuffy noses, and coughing, or to more serious and uncomfortable problems like headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even lack of concentration.  You will be able to find many products on your drugstore shelves these days to treat your allergy symptoms, but most likely, the relief from these is only temporary and leaves you feeling sick with side effects like that “spacey” feeling you get from decongestants.  It might be Mother Nature that’s making you sick, but it is also Mother Nature that can make you feel better faster and longer.

One of the best ways to get at the root causes of allergies in the body is to undergo a thorough detoxification program.  This will prevent poisons from building up so that your immune system can work at its full power when allergies set in.  Cleanse the colon, liver, and kidneys by eating a healthy diet (including much natural fiber and water),and use herbs such as Gentian, Irish Moss, Cascara Sagrada, Fenugreek, Goldenseal, Slippery elm, Safflower, Black Walnut, Yellow Dock, Dandelion, Oregon Grape, Uva Ursi, Chickweed, and Catnip to help detoxify the body.

One of the best herbs for treating the actual symptoms of allergies (particularly hay fever or pollen-related allergies) is Stinging Nettle.  This herb was used historically by European herbalists and Native Americans for treating lung disorders, and Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine names it as his “first choice in doing battle with the spring ragweed season.”  Other herbs to consider for allergy symptoms include Mullein, Sage, and Bromelain to strengthen the lungs, slow down the secretion of fluids (such as phlegm and mucous), relive sinus congestion, reduce runny nose, and even alleviate watery eyes.

Spring should be a happy time, and you should be able to enjoy it with a healthy perspective. When Mother Nature starts blossoming, remember that the Natural Alternatives are nothing to sneeze at.


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